Oakhill Country Club

Membership at Oak Hill Country Club

Oak Hill Country Club, first and foremost, is a member-owned corporation that provides our members the opportunity to participate in social, dining, recreational, tennis and golf activities. Our staff is dedicated to the promotion, management and administration of these activities under the guidance and supervision of the respective committees and Board of Directors. We encourage our members to bring their friends and guests to experience all the benefits and value our club has to offer.

Membership Benefits (download pdf)


We are currently accepting nominations for membership.

The process for becoming a member of the Oak Hill Country Club is as follows:

A request for information regarding membership should be referred to the President or Secretary-Treasurer. All nominations for membership must be submitted by a qualified proposer.

Upon acceptance by the secretary, the nomination will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for further evaluation. During the operating season, names of nominees shall be published in the Oak Hill Times newsletter and posted on the Members' Only Website. No action will be taken for a period of thirty days of nomination to allow members time for response. During the non-operating months of November through March, names of nominees shall be mailed to the Membership.

The Membership Committee reserves the right to meet with each qualified nominee and his or her proposer. The purpose of the meeting will be to qualify the nominee for membership and to review the information submitted on the nominating form. The nominating form will then be submitted to the Executive Board for approval or denial and a recommendation will be made to the Board of Directors.

All nominations on record will be evaluated by the Membership Committee based upon availability of openings. Golf membership openings will be filled from existing House members who have requested the Golf classification. The Membership Committee will evaluate the requests and make a recommendation to the Board.



1. Entitles the member and immediate family to all House membership privileges.
2. Entitles one member to full Golf privileges.
3. Entitles additional members of the family to Golf upon payment of the appropriate charges.
4. Not automatically available and subject to availability by the spouse of a present member who must apply for his/her own Golf membership. Dues charged at full rate and monthly food minimums will apply. No additional initiation applicable.
5. Available upon request by any Limited Golf or House member. Selections will be made only if the Full Golf member number drops below three hundred fifteen (315). Selections shall be based on original date of membership. Dues charged at full rate.
6. Golf members who have paid a Golf initiation fee then selected a House membership pay no initiation fee if they wish to return to Golf.
7. December 31 is the date established for age classification for membership change and application.


Restricted to golf play Monday through Thursday, except on Wednesday and Friday after 11:00am.

a. Saturdays permitted after 12:30 p.m.
b. Sundays and Holidays permitted after 12:30 p.m.
c. Course and play conditions may allow for deviation with permission from the Pro Shop.

1. Not automatically available to Full Golf members and subject to availability by the spouse of a present Golf member who must apply for his/her own Golf membership. Dues charged at limited membership rate and monthly food minimums will apply. No additional initiation applicable. Other criteria for Limited Golf Membership will be: Seniors/Women.
2. The Board of Directors has authorized a maximum of fifty-five (55) Limited Golf memberships and those memberships are included in the authorized maximum of three-hundred seventy (370) Golf members.


1. Must be no older than 26 years on March 31 of the year membership is to be established.
2. Must be single and never married on that date.
3. Must have been fully paid under his/her parent's membership for the entire previous three membership years (3/31 to 3/31).
4. Must be accepted through standard admission's procedure. Outside letters of recommendation are not required.
5. If a candidate member marries during the last membership year, he/she must apply for a membership prior to 3/31 of the following year to waive initiation.
6. Golf membership is the only available membership application that will be accepted.


1. A House membership includes house, tennis and swimming pool privileges for member and family.
2. Entitles one round of golf per month subject to course availability and appropriate green fees.

A FAMILY is the member and spouse, unmarried sons and daughters under 26 years of age who are living with the member.